Leak Responsibility

It is Savannah Valley’s responsibility to repair a leak if:

If the origin of the leak is located within the stubbed out Service Line before the Customer’s Connection (brass fitting, PVC fitting, etc).

If the origin of the leak is anywhere before the stubbed out Service Line to the street including the Meter, Washers, Fittings, or Connection to the Main Line.

Customer’s Responsibility

If the origin of the leak is located in the Customer’s Connection (any brass fitting, PVC fitting, or other fitting that connects to customer’s line) or if any place from that point on into the property, repair of the leak is the Customer’s responsibility.

Cut Off Valve

The cut off valve located in the meter box is the property of Savannah Valley Utility. The customer should not use this valve to turn the water supply on or off. Instead, the customer should place their own cut off valve on the customer’s side some where in their supply line.

Leak Adjustment Policy

NO leak adjustments are provide by Savannah Valley Utility District. Any leak adjustments are provides through ServLine ONLY. All customers are now automatically enrolled with Servline Water Loss Protection with a small monthly fee.  Water Line protection is also available with an additional fee. All customers can opt out of protection by calling (423) 961-8060, but you will never receive ANY leak adjustments. View the ServlLine Brochure below.

ServLine Brochure

Contact ServLine: (423) 961-8060.

Only residential meters that signed up for ServLine Qualify for leak adjustments.

Agricultural meters do not qualify for leak adjustment.