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The Savannah Valley District was duly incorporated pursuant to order of the County Judge of Hamilton County, Tennessee on November 20, 1961 and order of the County Executive of Hamilton County, Tennessee entered November 17, 1988. The district is authorized to exclusively provide water services within its boundaries in northeast Hamilton County, southwest Meigs County and southwest Bradley County.

The District is a Political Subdivision of the State of Tennessee and is governed by a Board of Commissioners. The BOARD members are appointed by the County Executive of Hamilton County to serve a staggered four-year term. The Board of Commissioners has the responsibility to establish policy. These policies may take the form of resolutions or motions that establish procedures, rates, and charges and services provided by the District. In 1965, when Savannah Valley Utility District became operational we served 600 customers; today the District serves approximately 10,000 customers.

The Board of Commissioners meets the 2nd Monday of each month, at our office, at 6:00 P.M.

24-Hour Emergency Line

We have a 24-hour emergency line available. If you are experiencing problems with your water service or you need to report a leak, call 344-8440.

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Phone: 423-344-8440 (24 Hours)
Fax: 423-344-7519
Email: info@svud.org
Mailing Address:
Savannah Valley Utility District
P.O. Box 370 Georgetown, TN 37336

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Construction & Distribution

Jeff Hogan

Construction Dept. Manager

Terry Crouch

Water Treatment Manager

Tony Bailey

Permits & New Construction


Woody Miller

General Manager

Linda Russell

Office Manager

James Parks

Operations Manager

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