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A tapping privilege fee is a charge made when Utility service is initially run from the main line to the customer’s property line. The customer MUST pay the entire tapping fee at the time of application. A residential or commercial/industrial tap shall entitle a customer to Utility service for one and only one dwelling or business.

3/4 Inch Meter $900.00
1 Inch Meter $1000.00
2 Inch Meter $2000.00
4 Inch Meter $6000.00
6 Inch Meter $6000.00
Tap Fees are Effective as of January 1, 2016

The cost of upgrading from one tap size to another will be the difference in cost of the respective taps as stated above. (i.e. Upgrade from a 3/4 inch tap to a 2 inch tap will be an additional $200.00).

Multiple connections to the same tap are a violation of Tennessee State Regulations and S.V.U.D. policy.  S.V.U.D. will charge the customer an additional minimum bill for each additional dwelling.


Fee - $25.00 to $100.00

Any new customer must fill out a Customer Application Form and will be charged a $25.00 fee.
Any new customer signing up for water service at rental property will be charged a $100.00 fee.


Fee - $35.00

If a customer’s check is returned to S.V.U.D. by a financial institution for any reason, the maximum fee set by TCA 47-29-102 of $35.00 will be added to the amount due. The customer has to pay the amount due in full including all service charges and late fees by money order, cashier’s check or cash. No checks will be accepted. Any Customer with 2 or more return checks MUST pay their monthly bill by Cash or Money Order for 1 year.


Reconnect Fee - $35.00
After-Hours Reconnect Fee - Additional $20.00

If bill remains unpaid 10 days after the due date, service will be discontinued without further notice by placing a lock on the water meter. An applicable Reconnect fee must be paid before service is restored.


All bills are due and payable by the due date issued unless the due date is on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, in which case the bill is due on the next business day after the due date. A 10% penalty fee will be added to your account the following day. You will receive a monthly bill. NO OTHER NOTICES WILL BE SENT.


FEE: $30.00

Any customer who questions the accuracy of the meter reading on their bill may request S.V.U.D. to re-read the meter for a fee.


Fee: $100.00 Per Occurence

Customers stealing water, removing, cutting or otherwise tampering with a lock will be charged a Tamper Fee of $100.00 per occurrence. Any customer, who turns their own water on after it has been disconnected for delinquency, is subject to prosecution.