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All Fees and Charges can be found under Services.


A Customer Application Form, Payment Information Form, and Cross Connection Survey must be completed and Faxed along with a copy of a Valid Drivers License.  There is an Application Fee required depending on whether you own or rent the structure.  If you have purchased or own your home Fax in a copy of the Settlement Statement, Purchase Agreement, or the Warranty Deed.  If you are renting your home Fax a copy of the first page of the Rental Agreement.  Also you may apply in Person at our Office.

As long as the account is active, a minimum charge will be assessed at each billing period. The minimum bill reflects each customer’s share of the overhead to operate the system. By keeping the account active, the customer can demand service at any time and therefore must share in the costs.

Failure to receive a Bill does not release you from the obligation to pay for Water Service. Please contact the office at 423-344-8440 to determine the amount due.

Currently S.V.U.D. does not take Credit Cards in the office, but you can View your Bill, Payment History and Pay Online using Online Bill Pay. We hope to have this option available in the future. 

No, all water used through a meter is charged at regular rates.

Most water meters can be found along the front edge of the property along the road. However, some meters may be in a neighbor’s yard or field. If you can not locate your meter, call us for assistance.

Call S.V.U.D. to receive your current meter reading. Take this reading and verify that your meter is reading correctly. If not, schedule a reread on your meter. There will be a Reread Meter Fee if the meter was read correctly. You will be contacted with the results upon completion.

The only way to not be charged for sewage is to have a separate water meter specifically for sprinklers or outdoor use. An additional tap fee and monthly bill will be required. This only applies to homes that are charged for sewage.

S.V.U.D. recommends each customer install their own shut-off valve somewhere in their Service Line. The shut off valve located in the Meter Box resembles a stove knob. If for some reason this valve will not turn or is broken call us for assistance.

Contact S.V.U.D. and request this meter to be disconnected. However, reconnect fee will be required to turn the meter back on.

Generally customers will be “cut-off” for Non-Payment. Your current bill must be paid along with a reconnect Fee to continue service. Please call the office to determine exactly why your service has been interrupted.

All sewer related inquires should be sent to Hamilton County Water & Waste Treatment Authority (HCWWTA) at 423-209-7842.